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Beartooth Tax & Consulting

Beartooth Tax & Consulting provides financial services to businesses and individuals in south-central Montana.
From bookkeeping and payroll processes, to tax services and financial planning, we've got you covered.
Our team of experts have a combined 50+ years of experience in all things number-related.
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"Beartooth provides my small business with accurate and timely service which allows me to focus more energy on my customers."
Nancy K., Billings, MT

How may we help you?

Beartooth Tax & Consulting is much more than a tax preparation firm. Our professionals excel at tax planning and financial budgeting.
Entrepreneurs take advantage of our bookkeeping and payroll services, saving them time and money.
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Tax Planning
Through tax planning, all elements of the financial plan work together in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Tax planning is an essential part of a financial plan. Reduction of tax liability and maximizing the ability to contribute to retirement plans are crucial for success.
Tax Return Preparation
The tax code is one of the most complicated sets of laws in the entire American legal system. If you have concerns about preparing your tax filings we can help protect your assets, while ensuring that you stay on the right side of the law.
Tax Problem Resolution
We offer tax relief help to settle your debt with the IRS and put an end to wage garnishments, tax levies and property seizures. Our years of experience in dealing with the IRS and unsurpassed knowledge of US tax law gives us the ability to help our clients find the best possible solution.
Bookkeeping is the process of tracking all of your company’s financial transactions, so you can see exactly where your business is spending money, where your revenue is coming from, and which tax deductions you’ll be able to claim. We can help.
Payroll Services
We handle all aspects of depositing and filing your federal, state, and local payroll taxes for you. We determine which payroll taxes are necessary for your business. Don‘t worry about payroll tax filing deadlines. We guarantee to file and remit your payroll taxes on time.
Audit Representation
Whatever the reason, the IRS has contacted you for an audit, you are concerned, and you want to know how to stop the audit. Sometimes the reason for the audit may be as simple as the IRS requiring missing documents, and simply providing them may stop the audit from going any further. We have the answers.

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"The pro's at Beartooth always inform me of new tax laws and ways I can increase my return. So helpful!"
Christopher P., Park City, MT

Our Team
The Professionals

  • Carrie M Smith, CPA

    Carrie grew up on a ranch in Deer Lodge Montana. She attended Western Montana College in Dillon on a rodeo scholarship where she received her undergraduate degree. From there she went onto Montana State University and received her Masters in Accountancy and passed her CPA exam.
    Carrie has been working in the Accounting field and preparing tax returns since 2005. Her and her fiancé moved to Laurel in 2015.
  • Steven K Cosner, CPA

    Steve is a CPA tax professional since 1980. He was raised in Billings, Montana where his father was also a CPA tax professional. His mother was a school teacher in the special education Title I program.
    Steve attended Montana State University where he majored in Accounting.
  • Richard C Potter, CPA

    Dick grew up in Glasgow, attended the University of Montana, graduated in 1967 and passed the CPA examination that May.
    After 2 years of military duty Dick returned to Montana and has been preparing income tax returns in the Billings/Laurel area since 1970.
"I appreciate the staff at Beartooth Tax & Consulting... Always professional and understanding of my needs."
Sarah C., Laurel, MT

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